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We build Websites & Mobile Sites for Custom Brokers

Do you need a great customs broker’s website? We are experts not only in customs but also website development.  For just $67 OR $87 monthly, it includes setup, artwork, design, maintenance, training, updates and hosting. Our WordPress website technology is used by the top 1 million companies such as CNN, BBC America, Carnival Cruises, eBay, Ford, GE, GM, Lexus, NASA, MTV, Pepsi, Play Station, Sony, Samsung, New York Times, US Army, UPS, Volks Wagen etc.

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Customs Office Software to Interface with Asycuda

We are pleased to introduce you to the first, best and most widely used customs interface software system on the market.  Our software would enable you to do all types of Customs Entry Import; All types of costing, pricing and labelling; All types of Exports with automated documentation.  It interfaces (send/receive data) to the Asycuda.  It also interfaces with popular accounting third party packages with the capability to send and receive data to them. These packages include Prophecy, AccPac, Excel and many more.

Our Customs Warehouse Management module does Inventory Control, stock receipts, stock issues, stock adjustments and provides management report. Other modules include:

  1. Costing Module that receive customs data and produces costing reports;
  2. Drawbacks Module for Duty-Free Stores;
  3. Inbond Module for Duty-Free Stores;
  4. Export/Shipping Module for handling and printing shipping documents;
  5. Tracking Module for tracking the movement of entries;
  6. Excise System for distillers

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