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We can generate over 100,000 customs entries from manifests 24/7/365 before the vessel arrives for as little as 0.65 cents per entry

✔️ We also upload all pdf scanned invoices from uploads.

✔️ This service eliminates 99% keying of all customs entries.

✔️ It is 99% accurate and eliminates user typographical errors.

✔️ It eliminates the usage of all software and software training.

✔️ When you log into the Asycuda World, you will see and be able to open the individual custom entries for the entire shipment.

✔️ All entries will contain full information including headers, values, attached com.

✔️ Multi-Line entries are also uploaded once the manifest contains them. They would only need to add tarrif headings and edit some commercial descriptions.

✔️ You will be able to reduce a large customs staff as 95% of the work is already done.

✔️ You will be able to offer a much faster service to your customers.

Custom Brokers and Clerks - Work Smarter

✔️ Create worksheets using our digital worksheet and tariff book.

✔️ Create customs entries from our digital Worksheets.

✔️ Create customs entries from digital and keyed invoices and automatically group items.

✔️ Enter exports and automatically generate entries, picking lists, packing lists, commercial invoices, certificates of origins and more.

✔️ The Subscription fee for using the software is USD 2.00/entry .

Functions for Custom Bond Management, Costing, Pricing, Reporting, Labelling

✔️ Use our software (app) to manage your.

✔️ Sync. your customs bond to the Asycuda world.

✔️ Track inventory ins, outs, and balances.

✔️ Auto create entries for any stock ins and outs.

✔️ Print reports for ins, outs, balances and audits.

✔️ Subscribe to the software now.

✔️ Print price labels on most Barcode Label Printers.

Users Reviews:

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“Seriously this is the most versatile and easy to use program, and ON TOP of that, it comes with AMAZING support with quick response times. I have purchased other programs, and have dealt with many of the other developers, but this one gets 5 out of 5 stars for quality of design, easy of use, service and support.”  — Consultoria