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We Sync your Warehouse Balances with Asycuda

Do you want your customs warehouse balances sync (equal) with the Asycuda?  Do you want them sync on a monthly basis? Do you want this done without a single keystore or lifting a pen? Well, outsource your customs warehouse or your clients customs warehouse to our Asycuda team and we will do everything for your. If you are a broker, all reports and discussion are done only through you and we never, ever deal with your client which is a clause in our contract.  The starting price is just $750 monthly.

Our system contains methods for accounting for damaged and spoilage, accounting for obsolescence, promotion of confidence, and prevention of pilferage.  We also provide a spreadsheet for filling out monthly for you or your client to record stock that were damage, spoiled, obsolete, and was used for advertising.  The customs reports we will provide bi-monthly are:

  1. Stock Balances Report
  2. Customs Duty Liability Report
  3. Stock Received Report
  4. Stock Issued Report
  5. Stock Reserved Reports
  6. Physical Audit and Customs Bond Report



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