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The Asycuda World Desktop Program is a software that enables you to (1) Work offline then upload to the Asycuda World; (2) Connect to the Asycuda World from a desktop icon; (3) Convert any broker’s worksheet to XML; system (4) Convert any Opening Stock to XML and upload; (4) Automatically installs a fully functional Asycuda World on any computer easy as 123 without IT knowledge.  Please scroll down to see more features of the Asycuda World Desktop Program.  Then click the “BUY NOW” button under the number of users who will use it.  If you are also going to use it at home away from your office, then your computer at home is also a user.

  • No of Computers per License
  • This License is a Subscription and must be renewed
  • Allow you to work offline and Upload to Asycuda World
  • Includes Broker's Worksheet
  • Converts any Broker's Worksheet to XML for upload to Asycuda World
  • Includes Opening Stock SpreadSheet
  • Converts Opening Stock SpreadSheet to OS7 XML for upload to Asycuda World
  • Automatically Installs Asycuda World on any computer easily as 123
  • Installs Asycuda World on your Desktop as an Icon
  • Automatically Installs Java
  • Automatically Updates Java Security Panel
  • Automatically Updates Future Versions of Java
  • Automatically Checks & Fixes Asycuda World Computers Problems
  • How to Install Videos
  • Training Videos on Asycuda World
  • Free Support Atlantic Time
    Mon-Fri 8a – 4p
  • Cancel at Anytime
1 License Per Machine
Full Package
$299.99Yearly Subscription
  • 1 Computer
  • Yearly


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