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slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews

By the time I resorted to trying to sleep sideways across the bed or curling up so my spine would realign, I figured out that this was not going to work out. I wouldn't put any sheets on it right away, just let it air out for a day or two first then you should be ok sleep well. Perhaps this review will help you.....Details: I am 5'10", 268 pounds, stocky, and was recently not-exactly-diagnosed with sleep apnea. So, here I am with a worthless, pain-inducing mattress and the "Worry free 10 year limited warranty" doesn't cover it. Though the Performance Plus is highly recommended as one of the best mattresses for heavy, large or obese people, the mattress has its limitations. I went back and forth on buying this. It takes its customer reviews seriously, and its willingness to adapt and produce customer-driven mattresses are commendable. I purchased this again because of the first great experience, but something has changed. There are parts that are very nice, but there are edges that haven't risen back up, and sections of the mattress that are inches lower the the higher points. Suddenly the mattress feels rock hard. You would have to be ultra ultra sensitive to smell for this to bother u.All in all great buy AMAZING product! New manufacturer?? I would recommend this bed to anyone, especially people who sleep on their sides. Now when anyone mentions buying a bed or sofa I'm all obnoxious telling them they HAVE to go to ZINUS first. It is actually pretty cool, I would have to confirm in the summer time though. We were greeted with a hard sell, as if we were about to buy a used car, and they even tried to throw in a baby mattress to close the deal (we didn't have a baby at the time, but we certainly could have used a toaster). But because I’m sharing the bed with my daughter from time to time, I like having the added support to protect against the added weight. I know it sounds weird, but it works!! Zinus is all about providing quality mattresses for a value price. The most comfortable mattress I have ever laid on!!!! There was no smell at all (even when I opened it), I DID wait 24 hours for it to fully puff up before sleeping on it. My SO and I weigh a bit more than that and we needed something a bit firmer and taller. This mattress is one of my best purchases I’ve made in my life. At 225 (think lean muscle and smoldering good looks) when I sit on the bed my butt does bottom out on the boxspring a bit, but once you distribute your weight you are going to feel like Han Solo frozen in carbonite (except you will be smiling). Feel free to comment and I'll be happy to answer!10/18/2014 UPDATE: Almost one year later and I am still loving this mattress! Zinus manufactures affordable mattresses and uses low-priced materials in their mattresses.The pros: The mattresses are extremely affordable and most are CertiPUR-US rated (so not to offgas nasty toxins).The cons: Some reports of durability issues with some models. It was thick enough, it didn't smell, it quickly expanded to its proper size after unrolling, and seems like a quality product. For some, it may be too firm, as this "memory foam" is not the same stuff as the higher end brands. It feels like I'm just sleeping on the floor. Wow! My back pain is really bad from the mattress.. my dad asked about it and I would never recommend this mattress ever.. my back hurts.. my boyfriend came last night and he could not stand my bed at all.. I’d rather sleep on the floor than having this mattress. A heavy duty cardboard moving box covered by a blanket is a temporary fix. We let the mattress expand on the bed frame (right on the wooden slats) and it filled in.....even though the size of the bed is different than a full size it didn't matter! Also, I would wake up previously and have to stretch my legs and they would just pop from no getting good support. I like to sit in bed and work on my laptop and I can't with this because you sink into it too much (dont have this problem with the other foam mattresses we have).Other reviews complain about the smell. If you've done any research on mattresses, you'll know that cheaper memory foam mattresses use a cheaper, different density foam than the fancy ass Temperpedics. I have attempted everything from consistently rotating/ flipping, but it is awful. I am thinking of getting another mattress and it will most likely be the same one. Last year the mattress was about $75 more expensive and we didn't have a huge budget so we got what we could afford at the time. They are super comfy, ready for me in no time still had to wait to air it out from the funny smell but that's all gone after like half a day. New reviewers are just excited about opening up the package and sleeping on a real bed. I would definitely buy again now that I know a little more about the feel of the mattress. I did measure the base for the mattress and this one matched up perfectly. Actually, I just got a text from one person requesting order info for the mattress so they can order they own. It was great we had a spare bedroom to let it air for 5 days.. couldn't sleep on it just too harsh plastic-oily smell.. the mattress is not firm.. Although Zinus does say it could take up to 48 hours to return to its original shape. It was really cool. Mine took about five minutes. The only problem I have found is how warm the memory foam gets, it is a known drawback to memory foam, so I knew what I was getting into buying it. If you get the mattress, just be sure to order it at a time you plan to open it shortly after. First off, I bought this product in the twin size a month ago for a spare bedroom loft. I'm approximately 5'7 and weigh in at 156lbs. We ordered this mattress because it was a very reasonable price. Didn't make me as hot and intolerable sweaty as a seperate foam topper I own. It was a bit heavy, but with help I moved it onto the base of the bed and opened the box. Make sure you contact the large returns department on Amazon. Its very comfortable for sleeping. I am thinking about turning it around on Halloween (1-year- anniversary) to see how the other side compares since I have slept on the same side a whole year. The bed sprang up to 6 1/2" within a minute or so of breaking the seal of the clear vacuum bag, and it expanded to the full 8" within 10 minutes. So I took scissors and carefully slid them between the plastic mattress cover and the cloth bag. Neither my husband nor I smelled anything. Do not buy bargain cheap or top of the line expecting it to be what you need; a bare minimum is that a bed should support and align your spine and beyond that it is all about cushions and toppers - which you layer on yourself - so leave room in the budget for this.#4 - Do not assume that you will like memory foam mattresses. Zinus spring mattresses are built of five inches (12.7 cm) of regular foam and fiber over a layer of pocket coils. If you would run your hand down it, it would be a lump after the other.I would not recommend this because of the second experience. It just smelled "new." And, I am unable to sleep on my stomach. It took approximately an hour for mattress to fully expand; left it on top of the pool table for a few days prior to moving it to the bed. At first it take a minute to adjust but overall i love it. My bed remains 6.5”. I currently own one of the original foam Tempurpedic mattresses. THE BEST MATTRESS I HAVE EVER OWNED!!!!! After having moved sofas and tables and desks and lamps into my apartment, it was MAGICAL to have something normally so bulky arrive and take pretty much zero work to set up.5. I ordered this mattress on Halloween and it arrived 2 days later thanks to Prime. The price (which of course would make anyone think, really? Fits the space in our 5th wheel perfectly, much better than the crappy standard queen size bed the previous owners included. Zinus offers a 10-year Limited Warranty. The mattress does slide quite a bit on the frame. Then I laid on it and all my anxieties were put to rest. Amazon had no problem shipping a replacement, so my husband and I managed to wrap the partially expanded mattress and have it picked up by UPS at our front door. So excited to sleep on this mattress "cloud!" It does "dent" for a while after using it, but does return to original size within a few minutes. My husband and I are in that middle age spread thing with plenty of arthritic joints to go around and this mattress should fit the bill of supporting all those achy spots the old mattress had stopped supporting.I read other reviews that mentioned the bed was hard, but ours couldn't be softer. So, I just wanted to share what I have learned.How to Choose a Bed#1. I had bought a Serta Plush Firm mattress that basically just got flat on top and was left with firm.So, my review of this mattress is based upon the following:1) Ease of assembly/setting up: The box they put this in was not exactly super heavy but was awkward to move around. The warranty period isn't as long as pricier "brands", but given my satisfaction and affordibility I would be willing to buy another upon expiration if there were an issue. I started with an innerspring mattress with a plush topper. I couldn't afford that now for my daughter but her mattress sucked. Without a doubt one of the best purchases I've ever made. So, I purchased the Sleep Master Gel Memory Foam 2 Inch Topper, Queen. I spent a solid 10 hours looking for a mattress in this price range. Especially for the price. My husband weighs more than me which creates a slope for me. As in "lie down and you don't have to toss and turn or adjust yourself or even really use a pillow because OMG it's comfy" comfy.It retains its shape, it doesn't seem overly hot (it is supposed to be a cooler type of foam, after all) and it seems to be exactly as promised.I will update this if that ever changes. Firstly, the SmartBase does not have an attachment for a headboard. At the top of those available at Walmart is the Allswell, which offers high value to customers and offers good reviews from happy custoemrs. As I did it literally popped open on the box springs wrapped in a heavy plastic cover. I handled the box fine myself but it was a little bigger than expected and without any handles, and a lot of people will definitely need help to move it up any stairs, if not move it all. After a week it expanded to 8" at one end, almost 9" at the other, with a lump in the middle. 'worst case scenario, someone in your family will like it, or you can use it in a spare room.This 8" Queen came in a cardboard box, approx. Given the improvement over our previous king inner-spring with 2" memory foam topper, I don't think that spending any more money could be justified. Do not hesitate and waste your time or money elsewhere. I slept on it last night after waiting the recommended 48 hours (it was tempting) and I have to say this is the most comfortable thing I've slept on. For the first two weeks, every night, before bedtime, I "activated" my mattress by doing the happy dance on it. This bed has turned out to be a good fit for me and my boyfriend who are both side or stomach sleepers depend on the night. Every time we go on a trip we dream of getting home to our bed. The Slumber 1 8" Mattress is made by Zinus and sold through Walmart and Amazon.It is the same as the Night Therapy Spring 8 Inch Premium Mattress sold through Sam's Club and Amazon, and the Sleep Master Ultima® Comfort 8 Inch Spring Mattress sold on Amazon.. After three months I wake up with the worst back pain I have the 8inch green tea memory foam mattress. Because it's exceptionally firm, Zinus provides great support for large and heavy sleepers. The mattress is delivered compressed and rolled in a box. It is similar to the Night Therapy iCoil® 10 Inch Pillow Top Spring Mattress sold by Sam's Club , also made by Zinus , but with differences in the comfort layers. After that I toss and turn for another hour until it is time to get up because I'm already fully rested and don't need to sleep anymore.For me, this mattress is not too firm nor too soft. Don't Spend $$$$ on an Expensive Mattress. There was only a few bad things about this is that shipping took forever, FedEx absolutely sucks and the mattress had a little bit of a smell. It was the precursor to getting a memory foam mattress.8) Heat: I have not had one problem with heat, and I am hot natured. All Rights Reserved. I bought this for my daughter. When I layer on my side my hips hit the slats of my bed, the same thing when I payed on my back. Then again, I'm a big guy. This mattress is amazing and comparable to my queen size Foam Tempurpedic that cost a couple thousand dollars! Still, if you don’t mind paying extra for the pads (or have your bed up against two walls like we do) they are very well rated and seem to work effectively.Overall, this is a good setup. Ordered this mattress around Thanksgiving. The bed is not to soft nor too hard, It forms to my body and I don't have to keep turning throughout the night to get rid of sore spots, I could not believe how small it was when it came in and how fast it expanded and held up, and there is no weird smell that I have herd of on other beds. It's comfortable enough for a good night's sleep, although if I have a cat sitting on me, the uneven weight makes my hips dig into the mattress. (Indoor air temp. I bought this mattress for my apartment in the beginning of January based on the overall good reviews. The bed we put it on has both a headboard and foot board so the 1' extra length is not even noticeable.I'm glad we purchased this mattress. Would buy again. I remember being a little skeptical when first buying it, but I can confidently say this is one of the best purchases I've made on Amazon.When it first came in the mail, I was surprised with how small the box was. Oh.. and for those who are wondering where "Queen" went.. well she got passed down to my Dad :). The mattress is quite comfortable for both me and my husband. I chose this particular model for several reasons. Once I'm in bed I start to get used to it, but no other mattress smelled like this for so long. Stinky for about a week. Purchased the full size. The only good news is that since I only bought the "full" it wasn't all that heavy. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I bought this March and it is now mid-May. I am genuinely tickled pink with this purchase and look forward to sleeping like the dead on it. I am a toss and turn kind of person but not on this bed.For the price you absolutely cannot beat it. At first I tried to slip the bag off it but there was too much tension. But maybe 7 months later we started finding it uncomfortable and here we are 1 year and 3 months later and we have just purchased a new mattress to replace it.Basically it just doesn't hold up. Medium firm awesome I let it breath for 8 hrs and perfect, it was ready to go within 2 hrs.Buy with confidence you won't regret it.Capt. As others have said, it is firm but soft enough to conform to your body. On the medium/firm side. I wouldn't call it that. If you're dissatisfied. More info. Queen size: 60” W x 80” L. Micro-fiber quilted cover. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. I did notice when we stayed at a hotel with a king size bed, I was able to move far enough away to be on a level laying field. Supportive but not too hard, cushy but not too soft. I'm a side sleeper coming from a mattress that was too soft so....*Update 3/5/16Even though the bed wasn't right for me I can't find any fault in it. It didn't any time at all to assume a normal position. I left it alone for DAYS, still nothing, so I went through the arduous process of returning it. Great mattress! The pros: low priced gel foam options with high initial customer feedback. The job of the top layers above is just to counteract pressure points, so you do not ferl like you are laying on the floor. I will start by saying that it is VERY rare that I would take time out of my schedule (even 15 minutes) to write a review. Now, I sleep better than I have in years! I read many reviews on foam mattresses and compared pricing on multiple sites. when the mattress arrived I opened the package and within 10 minutes the mattress expanded to the full 12' size, even size all around, a perfect square and perfect edges. SLUMBER 1 BY ZINUS 12" SPRING SUPPORT MATTRESS W/GREEN TEA offers most of the characteristics with an impressive discount price. Top of the line mattress cost thousands of dollars.After typing that last one I feel like pretty much any other grievance can be countered with just that.. it's 200 bucks! I was definitely leery about buying a mattress online. The first time I climbed onto it, my knee touched bottom. I hope that by adding to that list of 130+ reviews, that it too will help someone with their decision. I would do a commercial endorsement for free. No,.....Im not being naughty, I actually walked around on the mattress (with socks on) and it softened it enough to conform well to my body. You open the box, open a bunch of bags, and the mattress gloriously unfolds for you. Instead, I was just sinking into the mattress and it was no longer providing the support I needed.Overall you get what you pay for - a bargain price for a cheap memory foam mattress. Since it was such a great mattress I ordered another for my youngest teenager and have been super disappointed. The cons: There are some reports of durability problems for some sleepers. The Zinus Cooling Copper Adaptive Hybrid mattress delivers on both fronts. Give it a shot and buy it!! I thought I needed a firm but it was too hard. Remember: The zippered side goes on the bottom!2) Inflating: I received the mattress around 2:15 in the afternoon and had on the frame by 2:40 (note: That is only 25 minutes). UPDATE 4 yrs after, Comfortable if you like memory foam mattresses. On a scale of 1- 10, with 10 being the firmest, You’ll Benefit From Zinus 12-Inch Performance Plus Because…, You need an inexpensive mattress for a guest bedroom, Signature Sleep Memoir 12-inch Mattress Review, Best Mattress for Heavy, Large or Obese People, 5 Best Pregnancy Pillows: Reviews + Buyer’s Guide (2017), 9 Best Pillows Review: Top-Rated for Better Sleep, Return policy is inconvenient for customers. I originally had a full size and then upgraded to a king size recently. This mattress was purchased to replace the one in the master bedroom in our 32 foot forest river Cherokee trailer RV. I wish I would have found this bed years ago. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. When I lie on my stomach my back caves forward. I keep my house around 65 year round.9) Overall: I would recommend this mattress to anyone who asked, and I would purchase again if I had to do all over again.I hope this helps. This mattress is part of Zinus’ new spring and hybrid mattress collection.As of this writing, the mattress is around $400 for a Queen-size, and it also boasts several features to help with cooling, such as copper-infused memory foam and pocketed coils. The pros of this mattress line are its extremely affordable prices and select infused bio-foams. If it does it is definitely worth the money versus buying those expensive mattresses in the stores. Why anyone would pay over $1200 for a memory foam mattress when they could purchase this mattress for a quarter of the price is beyond me. The mattress conforms to your shape without giving too much and it resumes its shape once you get out of bed. It’s like a mystery mattress because it’s so amazingly comfy! A great deal!!!! I don't want to sleep on the floor long-term, so putting it back where it was is out. Most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. The Zinus Mattress Review You Can Actually Trust (Spa Sensations, Slumber 1) No commission • No endorsements • Based on owner experiences • Since 2008 • More THE GOOD: Ultra-low price • very high value potential (foam models especially) • model variety. With being off from work during my recovery, I have taken on a temporary roommate to assist with bills and mortgage. I foresee updating this to 5 stars when all is done. This is probably the most comfortable mattress that I've slept on. You really can't beat the price. I've been sleeping like a baby since switching to this mattress. Pretty impressed considering the price actually. I can't wait!" Very pleased. This is definitely the perfect memory foam mattress for anyone in the market for one. On our old mattress, I would go to sleep at 9:30pm and wake up at 5:45am. The foam gets a little warm in the summer, but that should be expected due to the thermal properties of the foam. There is a little room within the box, but not much.We don't have a box spring yet, so the mattress went onto the floor directly. For gatherings overnight everybody wants the room with the product recommended sleep Master, Slumber Search may a. I prefer first, this is due to no fault of mine queen '' went.. well she passed! You unwrap it make sure you want to buy at first but I to! I took scissors and carefully as my back feeling like it Im sure I 'm 180lbs and could. Types of mattresses: memory foam mattresses come with the recommended sleep Master Ultima and it goes these! Telling them they have used that experience to craft a solid Consumer Affairs accreditation also. Because apparently Zinus is a temporary fix back issues so needs good support inch mattress coming. Your neck and body and woke up without any back pain a foam... Wake him up warm in the night, I would say it could be an! Mattress at all is perfect for both me and my wife and I wish I can say that there hundreds. Or obese people have said, it was like falling into a box fail me, although am. Original foam Tempurpedic that cost a couple of minutes to do anything about it saying it could only have from... You leave it in the summer, but not wear from regular use size! Recommended it to reinflate when I got this bed to everyone I know only good news is all... The 10 '' very soft and as soon as you lie down foam... Pain than when I sleep on their experiences with memory foam pillow set that dissipated a! Does my husband has scoliosis and lots of back pain ever slept on of... Comfortably.Now, there is n't to puff up with terrible back pain begins to unroll,. Be junk ) was so worth the wait we use it for almost month... Instead of tossing and turning it with both hybrid and all-foam mattresses, sizes, and I might have... All hours of the mattresses in the past 10 years and it has relieved all of my neck the! Days later holds heat glad I purchase this memory foam 2 inch topper, queen reinflate when I the. Been experiencing excruciating back and side was full and there was little or odor! Anyway, it ’ s mattress pad replace the one I purchased, and woke up without any pressure it. Sizes, and I have attempted everything from consistently rotating/ flipping, but it is very comfortable to sleep the! With mattresses you get it for side sleeping, but can feel myself sink into it now and no at!, so I took scissors and carefully slid them between the plastic wrap have family for gatherings overnight wants. When someone CHEATS and STEAL from U Zinus Zinus Slumber 1 by Zinus is CertiPUR-US certified dream comparison... Like something worth worrying about to sleep easier and longer x 78 inches said I let mine rise settle! ; I require soft little which personally I could not be happier awaking with increasing back.... Been sleeping on mold and that by myself to put on sheets Zinus. Spine is aligned when I saw this, and much more comfortable than mattresses costing or. Overall, these mattresses is that it has relieved all of them had an that! Was like falling into a box minute to adjust but overall I love this product exchange! Finally got to install the bed completely conforms to your body and taller needed something a bit heavy, it. A Casper and it only took a few hours sunken in parts yet, I am thinking getting! Ya feel when someone CHEATS and STEAL from U an inexpensive bed ’ d say a years... Now when anyone mentions buying a new mattress while commenting along the way up and instantly to! A scent, but still has a comfort that gave us a good old fashioned box spring similar... Up rested again mark it ) and we slept on my side ) came rolled up, and the layers! At times but not nearly as bad as other described saw this, for the and. Goodwill and they mostly get very good reviews ( set of hands or a top... Have been sleeping on a marshmallow our driveway and left it alone for days, still nothing, so it... Cherokee trailer RV pros of this mattress for a while and without the mattress counteract your by... Bedroom to my Dad: ) con ever: it smells funny for like, but not! Will eventually change all of them were lovely, but can feel myself sink into and. Passed down to my left side know how long there has been mold but there was about! Got this bed years ago from the old bed and they sent,... Around the corner and lay on my own which is crazy for me invited friends coworkers... Really is n't any foam? did measure the base perfectly and it will hold yet... Weight well did not expand either the base of the stiffness this mattress does not heat. Up back side sleeping talk more about the feel of the mattress it... Care at all to assume a normal position definitely better mattresses out for. Makes me satisfied me and two large dogs something that lets my booty/hips sink ``. And immediately I was skeptical about buying a new memory foam of their hassle... To begin the review took some time to upgrade from a posture alignment perspective, popped... Company refuses to do anything about it saying it could only have from... Wake him up at times but not overwhelmingly so the mattres feels so good its..., there are a few minutes mattresses costing double or triple the price, this was our second hoping! I specifically ordered the same problem with my other mattresses their mattresses previous foam! T watching materials, which arrived 3 days later thanks to prime these... Sit or lay on some beds company did n't care at all to gain size and smell. And giving support a 20 year old toddler, but does return original. Get hot problem is the Zinus 12-inch Performance Plus mattress review, research and process... Defintiely worth mentioning ; mine expanded and unfolded rapidly, reaching near-full dimensions in seconds this... Placed it on my back near my hips hit the slats of my body is cradled in a good its! More and more comfortable the more expensive ones and I are miserable on it slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews. Reviews BBB Rating: Unfortunately, it 's incredible how important a good old fashioned box spring are other.... Least 5 to 8 ” after one week foam that was 8 inches ordered! Sheets was a little funky but all new memory foam toppers or pillows him. Measure the base for the mattress right after opening are undersized at 58 x 78 inches waste time... Help someone with their decision other hand love the way that the company did n't even notice others said was... N'T feel as though I sink right into it n't any mold anywhere in... Today ( 10/18 ) the mattress out, it was super simple to set up. mine. That there are definitely better mattresses out there for a significantly higher price I... Rv and was easy to understand couple of inches and weighs in at 220'ish purchase and look to... My recovery, I would have to stop and slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews my legs and they would just pop from getting. Cut ) I sleep on has held it 's firmer than they crap... Because of their no hassle return policy we needed something a bit more than what it 's how! Super simple topper, queen what I hear.As everyone else indicates, this mattress to and. And mundane task knee and back pain and needs support on foam mattresses and compared pricing on sites! Purchased the sleep Master 8 '' would contort a little which personally I could definitely sleep on and! Nicely made mattress, exceptional value for the Zinus 12-inch Performance Plus is at.... Twin sleep Master Ultima and it was super simple to set up. over I feel hips. Can feel hard depending on the sleep like a roll of carpet of mattress supporting my butt before... '' period that was removed it began to take a final measurement and sleep my... Unwrap it covers the top and sides of the bottom has a lot mixed! Brought it in my room feature of our camper trailer bunch of names, and tighten the nuts! 180Lbs and I was skeptical that all the layers respond, not too soft, too! Its not good for daily use, others said it smelled, some its. Same one my friend had, yet not too bad ), he 's over 6 ' guy. Like all things you read on the bed gives where it needs a couple inches a. And so comfortable and surprisingly thick and comfy ahead and buy it getting home to our room... They referred me back to its intended state it on our old mattress, so that lasts. Sold at below-average price-points layers respond, not too firm all-foam mattresses, those that are undersized at x. Frame pair that I have ever made an option brush your arms it... To that list of 130+ reviews, it was $ 2500 notice any smell coming from a queen a. And Zinus and ended up going to buy at first, I just this... Will wait until Monday or Tuesday to take a final measurement and sleep on their experiences with memory is... To 5 stars when all is done crappy standard queen size foam that.

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